Choose one of the three packages:

Small Package: 3 Workshops each 1,5h + all Afternoon and Evening Milongas

Big Packages: 6 Workshops each 1,5h + all Afternoon and Evening Milongas

Milonga Package: all Afternoon and Evening Milongas included

Booking of packages (please also choose the workshops together with your registration!):

Please kindly note, that payment for all passes has to be made 14 days after booking at the latest! No "AT THE DOOR"  selling of packages!!

Cancellation policy:
- Cancellation fee: 20% up to one week before the festival, 50% after
- Change of names: possible all times


Cornelia Leban-Ibrakovic, Körösistraße 81, 8010 Graz
IBAN: AT531200051347012463 // BIC: BKAUATWW