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Helena Hribar Marinsek (Slovenia)

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After having dreamed of dancing for several decades, there was one point in my life when my dreams came true: I made the first step on the dancefloor: First Ballroom and LA for 2 years, and then… I discovered Tango Argentino… the point of no return. A world within the World. After having learned and practised intensively for a year in Slovenia where I live, I went out into a new world for me: My first international event. It happened to be the first Grazy Tango Festival. I was moved by the warm welcome of the hosts, the local people, and the international guests… and decided to learn and practise even harder. Since then, I have experienced numerous international events, met several unique people, made friends from all over the world,… and came to the conclusion: Without the first Grazy Tango Festival, I would never have made it so far.

Register and join the journey! I will be (t)here… and very happy to support you with advice or share my experiences with you.

For your special Promocode, contact Helena on Facebook:  Helena Tango Vive


Steky Yaku & Pavla Lužná (Czech Republic)

Pavla Steky_black.jpgSteky and Pavla are Tango-Teacher in the Czech Republic (Brno). They promote our GRAZyTango Festival in there hometown.

They will have there own festival "TANGO festival" from 26. - 29.09.2019 in Brno.




For your special Promocode, contact Steky on Facebook: 
 Steky Yaku or
contact Pavla on Facebook: Pavla Luzná 

For more information about the TANGO festival in Brno: