• Chris & Demetrio
  • Sayaka & Joscha



PHOTO-2019-10-23-17-33-20.jpgChristina is a trained dancer and since graduating with a Dance Studies degree has worked as a freelance artist teaching and performing all over the world. She encountered tango while travelling in Argentina; she instantly fell in love with the movement, the music, it's embrace and consequently returned to Buenos Aires to live where she trained and studied intensively. Living in London, she works for Leandro Palou Tango Academy teaching weekly group and private classes and special workshops. She has taught and performed at numerous tango events and festivals around Europe and travels regularly to Buenos Aires and festivals around the world to continue her studies as a dancer and teacher. She is a creative and engaging teacher and is passionate about emphasising the importance of both good technique and connection between the dancers through the embrace. As a performer she tries to transmit her perception of tango through movement from the inside out to the audience.

Demetrio met Tango for the first time in Reggio Calabria where he was born. Tango immediately became a very strong passion that led him to move from Calabria to Naples and then to London and Paris to continue studying. In London, he met the dancer and writer Veronica Toumanova with whom he teaches and dances in London, Paris and Reggio Calabria where he performed in the occasion of the event ‘Illegal dello Stretto’ that Demetrio has been organizing for 4 years. He has started teaching and performing soon around Europe with various dancers making Tango his profession, his constant inspiration and challenge. He is a very inspiring and enthusiastic teacher, studying with him means exploring deeply the base and the structure of body’s movements in Tango. He will give his students the tools to dance with lightness while following the music in a present embrace. His personality as a dancer is developing through a constant research to improve connection and musicality during the dance’s improvisation.



Sayaka & Joscha (Austria)


68314930_491624778262660_8857054989143506944_n.jpgSayaka Higuchi & Joscha Engel Coming from different individual backgrounds, this professional and young couple is far from any clichés. They have profoundly studied all styles and traditional approaches to Tango as well as contemporary dance forms, latin ballroom, different musical instruments and martial arts. With a lot of experience, dedication and commitment, they bring a new understanding of movement into the world of tango – a new way for their students, immediately to enjoy and profoundly develop a personal connection to the beauty of Argentine Tango. Sayaka and Joschas dance and teaching, connects a healthy body development to the beauty of clear aesthetics and musical interpretation. This couple is merging the newest health oriented body education, mechanics from various moving arts and training methods with most actual insights of their own research on energy flows and the connection between two dancers. The goal is to feel good and quickly be able to enjoy improvisation, musicality and equal communication between the dancers. With their method anybody can quickly learn to enjoy and improvise argentine tango in an individual way. The students regularly report a strong improvement of body awareness and feeling with their partners, as well as relaxation and healthier body alignment. In the world of Argentine Tango, Sayaka and Joscha are highly appreciated and regularly invited to teach seminars and workshops as well as perform their unique way of dancing Argentine Tango in communities and festivals in various places around the world.