LET'S welcome them warmly in GRAZ!!


DJ Vlado Vladlja (Slowenien)


As a traveler through the wonderland of Tango music, Vlado Vadlja is searching for the most beautiful pearls and will be very pleased to share them with you, making each tanda an unique and superb dancing adventure.







DJ Paolo Persiani (Italy)

foto2.jpg Paolo Persiani is an Italian Tango DJ, based in Verona. He approached to tango in 2000 and he got immediately bewitched. In addition to dancing, Paolo fell in love with Tango music and he immediately started to collect the music. In 2003 he started his activity as DJ at Milongas in Northern Italy, since then he has been sharing his passion for Tango at Milongas and Encuentros in Italy and abroad. His music choices are structured in a classical way, mixing eras, rhythms and melodies with a strong focus on their danceability.




 DJ Fanni Laurinyecz (Hungary)

Fanni1.jpg...coming soon...









DJ Helmut Höllriegl (Austria)

DJ Helmut.jpg

Music triggers something that reaches us on an emotional level. It makes us feel happy & joyful, but also sentimental & nostalgic. By dancing tango we share these emotions with our partner and express them through dance.

As your DJ I invite you to a journey through many different colours and intensities that will inspire you to dance your feet off and enjoy tango by all its riches. The journey is complemented by a careful choice of diversified cortinas. The motto: Let’s have a big party together!

I’ve been invited to play for local and international milongas in Vienna (my hometown), Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Ljubljana, Budapest and other cities. Beside tango I work as an opera singer.



DJ Marc Goulette (France)

Marc DJ.png

Tango has really changed my life. I started to dance during the summer 2009 in Geneva in Switzerland and totally got hooked. As a dancer, I travelled to many Festivals, Marathons and Encuentros in several cities in Europe.

Inspired by some of the best Tango DJs I have ever met, such as Florin Bilbiie and Supersabino, I started to play for local milongas in Cork in Ireland during the summer 2017. I am now one of the resident DJs in Graz. To me Tango is really about love, passion, music, connection and culture.