Dear Tangueras & Tangueros!


REGISTRATIONS for the workshops are only available for COUPLES!

If you do not have a partner for the workshops yet, you have the possibility to be put on the WAITING LIST as a SOLO-FOLLOWER or SOLO-LEADER. Thereby it is important to choose your desired package and the workshops!

Being on the waiting list means, that if we can find a match for the workshops, we will inform you immediately!

ATTENTION: We like to provide all dance singles a weekend full of harmony and joy, so we take care of gender balance in our festival workshops! That's the reason why we can only fix the registration, if the gender balance is provided. 

For finding a partner we also opened a Facebook group, called GRAZy Tango find a partner! If you don't own a Facebook account, please send us an email to and we will try to help you finding a partner.

Please transfer the money within 14 days to:
Cornelia Leban-Ibrakovic, Körösistraße 81, 8010 Graz
IBAN: AT531200051347012463 // BIC: BKAUATWW


- Cancellation fee:
 20% till one week before the festival, 50% after
- Change of names: possible all time