LET'S welcome them warmly in GRAZ!!


DJ Claire (Brussels)

Claire Deville.jpgAfter a profesional dancer career, tango caught me in 2010. As I've worked at the opera, music has always been a key. After so much time spent in Buenos Aires, I've started DJing trying to respect the great advices that I got there, and the spirit of the milonga : you are here to make people dance and have a great time. I use mainly the Golden Age music, and try to spice it up remembering tango repertoire goes from the late 20's to nowadays. My favorite orchestras are Pugliese, Troilo and Di Sarli. And I'm very much looking forward to meet you all



DJ Helmut (Graz)

DJ Helmut.jpgMusic triggers something that reaches us on an emotional level. It makes us feel happy & joyful, but also sentimental & nostalgic. By dancing tango we share these emotions with our partner and express them through dance. As your DJ I invite you to a journey through many different colours and intensities that will inspire you to dance your feet off and enjoy tango by all its riches. The journey is complemented by a careful choice of diversified cortinas. The motto: Let’s have a big party together! I’ve been invited to play for local and international milongas in Vienna (my hometown), Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Ljubljana, Budapest and other cities. Beside tango I work as an opera singer.


DJ Manuel (München)

DJ Manuel FRANTZ.jpg

I started dancing Tango in 2014 and DJing just two years later. First I DJed in regular milongas in my local scene in Munich and soon got invitations to DJ internationally. Being an incurable perfectionist I listen to Tango music all the time and I’m quite interested in its historical and cultural background. When I DJ I like to imagine each tanda could be the last tanda for the dancing couples, so I try to put just the very best music in order to enable them to enjoy this special moment as much as possible. I believe that the tango music of the Golden Age serves this goal the most being recorded for dancing and providing a complexity that allows for a variety of interpretations. That said it might not be surprising that my favorite orchestra is that of Aníbal Troilo. See you on the dancefloor!




DJ Raul (Barcelona)

DJ Navalpotro Anivertango-1_Raul.pngInspired by his love for the dance and the music, Raúl has been regularly djing at tango events since 2008. He plays danceable, traditional tangos, his main goal being the enjoyment of the dancers. His selection of music shows his musicality, his experience and detailed knowledge of his collection. Raúl is strongly attached to the traditional tango music and plays pieces of the época de oro with some excursions to the finest pieces of the 30s and 50s. He makes sure to adapt his choice of tandas not only to the location as well as the type and duration of the event but also to the level of the dancers, the atmosphere and energy on the dance floor.